From dark stains to mild discoloration, your winter boots are likely to demand a caring attitude from your end this season. Cleaning your shoes might be a taxing and tedious task. Therefore, we have brought some remedies for you so that your favorite pair won’t get ruined. We have listed five tips for cleaning your boots so that they keep looking pristine for several months.

Leather Boots 

It is time to say goodbye to salty stains! All you need to do is simply brush your leather boots with a shoe brush, pour some water body soap on them, and clean the leather softly. Afterward, make a mixture of water and vinegar, and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on a clean handkerchief and gently wipe the leather’s surface. 

To make the leather shinier and restore the moisturizer, you can also apply a hair conditioner on the leather’s top. Finally, make sure you put your leather boots in a safe place and clean them with spray water from time to time.

  • Suede Boots 

If you own a pair of suede boots, you must be aware that it should be dealt with a lot of caution and its material is utterly sensitive. First, gently brush the surface of suede boots to remove any dirt. Then, stroke the brush more rigorously so that dark marks must get vanish. Afterward, please put them in the sun and apply suede protector serum over them. 

  • Rain Boots 

Rain boots are easy to clean, and they don’t require cleaning products. So it’s monsoon time; it is time to take out your rain boots and start cleaning them. To proceed with, put some olive oil on a cloth. Now, gently dab the olive oil on the surface of the boots. Apply it in a clockwise manner and do it until they start to shine again. Rub off the additional oil and put them in the sun to dry. Simple!

  • Faux Boots

Faux boots are made up of delicate fur material, and you must clean them with caution. To clean the fur, put a cornmeal min two cups and place it down inside the fur. Shake it well, more towards downward. Let the boots remain still for two hours, and then wipe off the extra cornmeal mixture over the shoes with a dry handkerchief. You can also brush off the fur once it gets dried.

  • Fabric Boots 

You must remove the laces and inserts before cleaning your fabric boots. Wash them in warm water and baking soda mixture. Now take a toothbrush with toothpaste and start cleaning the stain areas. Now rinse them in normal water and dry them up with paper towels. Put them in the sun and let them dry.