Nothing is more classy than a pair of Leather shoes and boots. They effortlessly add more glam quotient to your look and make you centre of attention in the room. But your dear boots are prone to be wrinkled and faded. After a while, you may notice that white scuff marks, a lot of wrinkles and faded bits. And if you are living in a snow prone area, then you would definitely have a hard time managing your boots. However, with little effort after some time, it is not that hard to keep your boots shiny shiny! You don’t need to purchase those fancy boots cream. You can simply clean them in the comfort of your home. Here we have listed some home hacks to clean your boots nicely at home. This will take only 10 minutes. These tips work for all kinds of shoes- suede, black, brown and white.


Toothpaste is the great cleanser and readily available in every home. All you need to squeeze some toothpaste on a soft handkerchief and spread it widely over your shoes. Now gently start rubbing your boots. If you have used a handkerchief while cleaning the shoes, use a brush to complete the whole process.


Baking soda indeed helps a lot to remove dirty stains or tough oil from your leather shoes. Sprinkle a little baking soda over your shoes and spread widely over the shoes. Leave it overnight and dust the excess off.


Add white vinegar to a cup of half water and dilute it. With a cotton handkerchief, start rubbing the shoes as if you are polishing them. White vinegar is a great cleaner and helps to remove salt stains. So if you are coming out of snow, there is a high possibility that your shoes might have salt stains. Therefore, this tip would make your boots shiner than ever.


Saddle soap is like a shoe polish and mainly used for cleaning leather goods. Before the cleaning, please make sure that you have cleaned your boots prior. After cleaning them completely, now rub the soft cotton over the saddle soap tin and start polish your boots thoroughly.