When you are selecting a pair of heels, it can be confusing and you may not be able to understand the variety, shapes and heights of a Heel! If Some key factors are indeed important while choosing the correct one- style, fitting of the shoes and how long you can wear them before they cause you discomfort.

 As you may expect, higher the heels, the more it will make your feet sore by the end of the day but selecting the heels that have a platform in front of the head line may stop the heel height from impacting the feet too quickly.

So you need to be aware of all the tips and tricks before buying a pair of heels. An awesome pair of heels has the potential to change your whole look while adding those few inches in your height! An appropriate heels must give you comfort so that you feel at ease while walking! Hence here we have compiled a list of different types of heels so that you are able to choose whichever suits you!


A block heel is thicker than stilettos in its composition and it is quite easily manageable. This style became hugely popular in the 80s and 90s era and till this day, it is still relevant as it is practical to wear them everyday because block heels have a firm piece of heel below it so they give you more comfort and equal distribution of weight. Block heels come in various quirky styles such as cylindrical heels to low square heel. The key aspect of block heels is that they are super comfy and you can easily walk them in comparison to slimmer heels.


Just like its name, cone heels come in the shape of ice cream cone. It is a triangular shaped shoe that comes in flat shape from one side and on the other side it is curvy which gives it a quintessential look. Similar to block heels, this type of heels would give you extra support and you can easily wear this all day long!


Platform heels are basically not a type of heel but a sole type. The composition of these heels is basically a thick heel block in the bottom and a platform at the front which makes it more high in its structure . A platform on the front side makes the stilettos more comfortable and easy to wear.

The aim of wearing heels is that it makes your legs more longer, slimmer; thus making you look aesthetically appealing. You feel a sense of confidence while wearing heels and undoubtedly it makes you look more attractive!