Slippers are a crucial part of our daily life. After a long hectic day at work, we leave the uncomfortable shoes and wear slippers! This is a common phenomena because we feel more comfortable in slippers and most importantly our feet breathe, rest and recover in it so that we are prepared for the next day at best.

Apart from the comfort factor, slippers are important from the health point of view also. Hence, it becomes crucial to pay attention while selecting a suitable pair of slippers that provide comfort, rest and let your feet breathe the whole day. Therefore, we have compiled a list of tips that you must remember when you are planning to buy a good pair of slippers:

  • SIZE

Usually, we tend to see a pair of slippers of the same size as our formal shoes. This is a wrong approach to see because every brand has its own distinct size. Hence you must first check whether they have enough space. Make sure they are not too tight; otherwise you may experience a lot of discomfort.


You can find varieties of material in the market nowadays. Hence, you must check which material would suit your feet in terms of comfort. Generally, people choose softer material slippers as it feels softer and comfortable for the feet and they are strong enough not to break easily.


The quality of the slippers is utmost important as it ensures the durability of the product. If the quality is great, then your slippers will last for years and years.

So take these tips into consideration while making the right choice for your slippers. Other factors such as price, color and design also matter but these things are secondary. When you try the slippers on, you should see how you are feeling wearing them. If they are foot-friendly then sometimes prices do not matter because comfort of your feet is supreme.