An investment in a good pair of running shoes can be expensive and above that it can get dirty in no time. In order to maintain their longevity, you must clean them properly from time to time. Throwing them in the washing machine is not the solution. You must take out time and wash them with your hands so that they remain in a good state in the long run. 

Before we proceed to the cleaning methods, it is important to know the simple classification of dirt. Basically, there are only two kinds of dirt on the running shoes. The first kind is- natural dirt. The one which tends to stick under the shoes when you run outside (i.e. mud, water and leaves). The second kind of dirt comes from the runner itself. It includes blood, sweat, rubbing oils and anything you rub into your shoes. Therefore, running shoes will inevitably get dirty if you train outside. It is a vicious cycle! Having said that, it is important to look after them and clean them more frequently. Here we have listed two methods which can be efficacious in cleaning your shoes:


This is the most simple method and it takes no time. Just simply take a handkerchief or cloth and rub down your shoes from the outer surface and give your shoes a good cleaning by removing heavy builds of dust and dirt. You can also clap both the shoes together so that dirt removes easily. Take out the inner sole and put them in a dry place. Wait for them to dry and afterwards gently brush outer words to remove all the dirt. This method will take no time and you are ready for your next running session once the shoes are dry.


It seems easy to throw away your shoes in a washing machine but it will hamper the durability of the shoes. Hence, you must wash shoes with your own hands. For this, you need to remove the soles first. Make a sink filled with warm water and mix shoe cleaning solution to it. Take a toothbrush and gently rub around the edges. Now, take the laces and gently rub around them. After this squeeze shoes and laces so that the excess water gets removed. After doing this, put shoes and laces in an airy dry place. It will take them two to three days to get them dried. 

So yes, here are the two different yet straightforward methods to clean your beloved running shoes. Employ these methods to increase the longevity of your shoes. Make sure that you wash them twice a week.