Time Flies! It’s easy to shop for kids when they are tiny. However, once they grow out of their tiny feet, it’s time to shop for some “big girl/ big boy” shoes. Now that your child is actively running around or your friend’s kid is having their birthday, looking for a shoe that packs comfort, style and cuteness can be a challenging task. 

At Action, we understand the struggles of shoppers while trying to understand shoes for kids and their purpose. Most people are often not sure what to look for in shoes, as well. Choosing the right shoes for children may be difficult. However, the right tips to remember will ease the guessing game and the hassle. 

What makes a good shoe for children? 
If you are looking to buy a new pair of shoes for your child, understanding what makes the right shoe can make a huge difference. Here are a few things you can prioritize while finding a good shoe for your child. 

Choice of width fittings: Letting your child try different sizes and ensuring you find the comfortable fit will handle the rest of the shopping. This will ensure that you find the best possible fit for your child. 

Buy shoes designed for growing feet: Remember that a child’s feet are growing every day. To ensure the child’s feet don’t feel trapped, buy shoes that will provide your child with proper growing room. Also, ensure that you regularly measure your child’s feet to be able to find out of the shoes are not squashing their feet. 

Forget pointed or swung designs: When it comes to picking a shoe for your kid, go for the simple shapes. A child’s shoes should be shaped like a foot to help them grow into their shoes. Know that the nerve endings in kid’s feet haven’t fully developed. 

Opt for breathable linings: Find a shoe for your kid that allows proper perspiration to leave through the surface of the shoes. This will help keep their feet fresh, dry and healthy.

Tips to Remember!

  • Look for shoes that provide a small amount of wiggle room in the toe area 
  • Pick flexible shoes that help you avoid blisters and any injuries 
  • Stay away from tight, pointy and narrow shoes for kids, as they can hurt the toes and prevent normal foot growth in kids 
  • Look for flexible shoes that have an easy to move front toe box
  • Pick shoes that give your kid heel support with proper padding for comfort 
  • Look for shoes that have a rigid middle area so that the kids don’t hurt themselves while twisting their feet 
  • Look for shoes created with straps, buckles, Velcro, or laces that are adjustable, providing you with proper closures to tighten or loosen the fit of the shoes 
  • Go for leather or rubber as they have good traction ensuring non-slip soles for the safety of your child
  • Find the perfect shoe based on the activity for which the kids are wearing the shoe 
  • Look for shoes that provide a good arch support
  • Look for shoes that are easy and quick to put on
  • Easy to fasten shoes will be helpful for kids to change shoes for Physical Education classes at school 

Shopping for children’s shoes should not be frustrating or challenging. Reliable shoe brands like Action make shoes that are specifically designed for kids. The shoes are designed with top-quality materials, professionally constructed and stitched making well-fitting shoes for babies, toddlers, and young children. 

Action is adamant in selling shoes with a superior level of construction and comfortable product offering those kids can enjoy and proudly put on their feet.