Marilyn Monroe rightly said,” Give a girl the right pair of shoes and watch her conquer the world.” 

Footwear is one of the most lovable accessories on every woman’s list. A new pair of footwear every time bring double the amount of happiness as the ones you already have in your wardrobe. With endless choices and options for each season, it is absolutely easy to fall into styles that are driven by trends and celebrities. However, a few shoes and styles can be worn every year, no matter the season. While a woman can never have too many shoes, there are these five pairs of shoes that every girl should have. 

Despite, what your style is, these 5 different styles of footwear will add to your repertoire and will go with every dress in your closet. 

5 Essential Footwear for Every Woman 

White sneakers are timeless: 
From pairing a t-shirt with jeans to a floral chiffon dress or a Georgette summer outfit, white sneakers add a casual and a cool touch to every outfit. As cool as they are comfortable, white sneakers or casual kicks have non-negotiable benefits including ease, comfort and style.  

Slip-on, strappy sandals: 
The easiest sandals of all, the slip-on, strappy sandal might sound like a summer-only choice. But, the simple and easy to wear slip-on sandals are fashion show-goers who prove their utilities in seasons from the fall and spring to the summer. They go equally well with a chic suit or a summer dress. Sometimes, even with trainers.

Elegant ballerina flats: 
The perfect fit and pair of footwear whether you wish to go to work, attend a party or head out for a movie. Ballerina flats go beyond the Dance Floor and have become a comfortable style staple for most women around. Ballerina flats can be worn all day without hurting your feet or toes and it’s a great pair of footwear to have in your closet. 

Versatile black pumps: 
Black never goes out of style and a black pump is a style forever. Black pumps make a wardrobe the talk of the town. We would be surprised if you don’t already have it in your closet. A black pump is seasonless and so versatile that it can add an instant dash of style and statement to your outfit of the day. The versatile black pump can be worn with a little black dress or cigarette pants. They also look ravishing with a faux leather jacket over an evening dress. 

Simple flip-flops: 
You might be wearing this right now! Simple flip flops are the ones that we wear daily and have easily become a part of our life. Flip-flops are evergreen footwear that can be found in every woman’s wardrobe. From colour blocked flip-flops to printed thong flip-flops, women can find endless varieties when buying casual footwear. Flip flops are simple yet trendy and can be worn with casuals and trainers, dresses or for a walk down the beach. Imagine adding to your style elements with just a simple pair of slippers or flip-flops that are not boring. 

Fashion-forward shoes can always solve all the wardrobe dilemmas. Whether it’s the good old strappy low sandal or the stylish pumps or even the most basic flip flops.

The style and kind of footwear give your style a spin and helps you stand out from the rest. 

Not to forget that every occasion and place requires a different set of footwear that meets your requirements. It’s impossible to go jogging in pumps and it’s not possible to wear running shoes in a swimming pool. Choosing the shoes from the curated list of 5 must-have footwear will help you look fabulous according to the occasion while making you comfortable.