Marriage is one of the special moments in life. It is unquestionably the most extraordinary time in the life of a bride and groom. Especially for the bride as marriage brings the way to exploit yourself with niceties, clothes, jewellery and shoes. 

When you are getting married, the first thing that you decide on is your bridal lehenga. But, the next most crucial thing that comes as a priority is beautiful wedding shoes. Wedding shoes can add all the oomph to your wedding outfit and make your outfit even more elegant. Below are some of the most frequently asked questions about choosing the perfect wedding shoes. We wish to do our best to keep the answers updated. We hope you enjoy our ultimate wedding shoe guide. 

Comprehensive list of Things to Know Before Purchasing Wedding Shoes 

A shoe that complements your wedding trousseau: 
Look for the style that complements the wedding lehenga and other dresses to be worn on your wedding day. The shoes can be peep toe, high heels, pumps, wedges or even Mary Jane’s. 

Look for Comfort, always: 
The shoes that you style with your wedding lehenga will have to be worn the entire day. Choose a style of shoe that is comfortable to wear the entire day. When shopping for bridal shoes, keep comfort as the most important aspect of preference. Before you make a purchase, wear them and try to walk for at least 5 minutes to gauge the comfort of the shoes. If you are planning to purchase your wedding shoes online, check if there is an option for replacement or return. Also, take your time while deciding on the shoes. You should feel secure with the footwear as it will be worn day and night. 

Choose a shoe that enhances the appearance of your feet: 
While comfort and easy-to-wear matter the most, the look and feel of the wedding shoes matter too. While buying your wedding shoes, make sure you know what your feet like to wear. Also, what looks good on your feet. There are a wide variety of options available for wedding shoes. You can pick from High heels, wedges, bellies, kitten heels, flats, and mojaris, etc. 

Few Recommendations for Wedding Shoes 

High Heels: 
Shoes that make the perfect choice for a wedding are high heels. You can team them up with lehengas, sarees, salwar kameez, and more. Whether you are going for the glittering bridal dress or plain fabric and basic embroidery, high heels can add the perfect bling to your wedding trousseau. High heels make an outfit shine and are a great way to dress it up a notch. When it comes to bridal dresses, you can buy silver or golden high heels that have the required glitz and glam. 

All traditional weddings take hours. Since your wedding will demand you to stand for hours, staying in heels and stilettos can become challenging. If you wish to look tall but stay comfortable, wearing wedges or bridal flats with comfortable heels can be your best option. Wedges have the necessary height while making you comfortable in your wedding shoes.

Kitten Heels: 
A must-have in a bride’s wardrobe, kitten heels are the newest introduction to the wedding attire that brings comfort and glamour, altogether. Having a pair of embellished kitten heels can add the right amount of beauty and style to the wedding outfit. Kitten heels are not only fashionable and classy, but they can also seem chic and feminine when matched correctly with the outfit. In fact, kitten heels look equally good with western outfits.

While the other decisions in a wedding can be difficult, let’s make the shoe decision easy and convenient. Rock your wedding with the perfect pair of wedding shoes!