Walking barefoot can be dangerous for kids. Especially toddlers and the ones who have recently started walking on their feet!  

Walking or running without shoes can be a hazardous activity for children. Protecting such tender feet becomes the prime importance once your kid starts running. While finding the right footwear can be a daunting task, you must ensure that the footwear you buy for your kids are comfortable, durable, relaxing and safe.  

Talking about footwear, slippers are one of the most comfortable choices for kids. Whether they are heading outsides for playing or staying home, slippers are the easiest for kids to wear all the time. Action Footwear introduces a special and comfortable range of slippers for kids this Children’s Day.  

Don’t let your kid run free in uncomfortable slippers. Buy the finest branded slippers for your baby and give them comfortable footwear to be in action.  

Kid’s V-Shape Superman Slippers (FJL-01) 
Elevate the style of your kids with this comfortable pair of slippers from the house of Action Eva Flotter brand. Featuring a refined and fun design for kids with exceptional support and comfort for their feet, this pair of slippers gives your child the quintessential upgrade in comfort and style. With a V-shape design, these slippers give maximum support to your baby’s little feet.  

Kid’s V-Shape Batman Slippers (CNT-503) 
Get your kid their favourite superhero slippers with featured pictures of Batman! These brightly coloured and strappy slippers with optimum padding provide the perfect place for your baby’s feet to rest and move. These colourful and comfortable slippers will surely win your little boy’s heart! Constructed as an open-toe pair of slippers, the Kid’s V-Shape Batman Slippers is the perfect fit to even go for an evening run.  

V-Shape Powerpuff Girls Slippers for Girls (FCN-03) 
These slippers from Action Eva Flotter are made up of goof quality rexine and are constructed to ensure high durability. They also have extra padding in the footbed to make the slipper soft and comfortable for your girl’s feet. Designed with eye-catching cartoon graphics, these flotters and slippers will have your kid’s heart in an instant. These also come in several colours.  

Kid’s Clogs for Girls and Boys (QCN-200) 
Looking for slippers that can keep your baby’s feet warm as the weather is getting chiller? Look no further and place an order for the Kid’s Clogs that will be the best choice of slippers for the monsoon as well as winter season. Made essentially warm and super cute with different colours, the clogs will melt your kid’s heart when they look at their feet. Grab these pair of clogs for your girl and boy, protect them from the chill in the weather in the cutest slippers. These also come with slip-on closure to secure their feet.  

Basic Summer Style V-Shape Slipper (HFL-9038) 
Whether you are taking your kids to the beach or going on a trip, the style and the durability of the slippers matter the most. This pair of basic summer style V-shape slipper is the finest branded slipper that gives the assurance of durability and comfort. The slippers are elegantly designed to look simple but trendy, making your child jump with joy!  

Buy the best and most stylish open-toe slippers for your kids that will go with most of the clothes in their wardrobe. If you look for slippers that tick all the boxes, Action Eva Flotter has the right collection for you!  

Why Buy Action Eva Flotter for Kids?  
Action Eva Flotters brings an exciting new range of comfortable and durable slippers for the kids. The slippers designed by experts at Action Footwear are created with the aim to keep your child’s feet safe and relaxed.  

These slippers match their style, choice and the level of comfort they desire. With creative colours and prints to match the personality of your kid, these lightweight and durable slippers will be the perfect fit.